We understand that your wedding day is the biggest and most important day of your life so far and therefore everything needs to be just right.

At Pipers of Distinction we work with you to help create the perfect atmosphere. Our experienced musicians can accommodate special tune requests and can play at various times throughout your wedding day. When booking a musician through Pipers of Distinction, we will discuss in detail the requirements for the wedding to ensure we clearly understand your needs. After our discussion a confirmation letter will be sent to confirm what has been discussed and what will happen on the big day.

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The most common ways in which a bagpiper is used at a wedding includes:

  • Plays the bridal car up to the drive of the church door or the ceremony venue.

  • Piping the bridal party down the aisle – normally the bridesmaids are played down the aisle to a tune such as ‘Highland Cathedral’ and the traditional ‘Here comes the Bride’ is left for the bride to make her grand entrance. Often the betrothed couple choose alternative tunes and we are happy to advise you on what would be suitable.

The piper can either lead the bridesmaids or bride down the aisle, or stay in the doorway or alcove whilst the bridal party make their way to the groom.

  • Using the piper to herald in the groom and his attendants can also be effective if a different instrument or music is preferred for the bridal processional.

  • Playing whilst the register is being signed – this is normally done playing hymns or waltzes.

  • Piping the happy couple out of the church or ceremony venue – the recessional comes at the end of the ceremony when the piper will lead the newly wedded couple and bridal party back down the aisle out of the church or venue. Once outside, the piper will continue to play lively jigs and reels (aka happy music) for approximately 10 minutes.


  • Playing guests whilst arriving at the reception venue – having a piper play for 15-20 minutes as guests are arriving is a great way to welcome them to the party!

  • Piping the Bride and Groom into the reception – mark the arrival of the happy couple to the wedding breakfast with a piper from Pipers of Distinction.

Everyone has different ideas as to what will make their special day perfect. We are only too happy to discuss with you how a performer from Pipers of Distinction can assist in making your day a memorable one.

As well as bagpipers, we can also supply:

  • Pipe bands

  • Folk band

  • Wedding singers

  • Highland & Irish Dancers

We can also assist with the groom’s and groomsmen’s outfits through a highland wedding kilt hire. Specialising in the hire of traditional highland dress, we can also help with advice and items to enable you to carry out some highland traditions during your special day such as hand fastening (using tartan ribbons) and using a quiach for toasting.

Please contact us to talk about how we can help make your wedding day perfect.


2/4 Marches : Played prior to the brides arrival as guests are gathering 

Bridal Procession: Here Comes The Bride

Highland Cathedral: A tune often used to play the bridal party down the aisle or anywhere in the service.

Amazing Grace: A tune that can be used anywhere in the service.  It is performed here as a duo with one piper playing a harmony line.

La Boum: A Breton melody that can be played anywhere in the service.

6/8 Marches: Played prior to the brides arrival or after the couple have exited the service. 

Jigs & Reels:  Happy, fast joyous styles of tunes played after the announcement of the coulpe’s union for the world know  “let the party begin”.

(those marked * can be done with backing tracks)