Enjoy the sound of great highland bagpipes internationally with Pipers of Distinction

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Swasdi, こんにちは, 你好, Kamusta, Annyeonghaseyo, Hello! 

Pipers of Distinction are proud to provide their world class bagpipers internationally for weddings, corporate and private events. Our authentic Scottish pipers for hire are honoured to perform at international events. This can be in the form of paying homage to family heritage, or simply adding some pomp, pageantry and tradition to weddings, product launches, social events and more.

Our local bagpipe players are internationally recognised, having competed at the World Championships in Scotland as well as having performed previously in: 

  • United Kingdom

  • Japan

  • China

  • Thailand

  • Singapore

  • Malaysia 

  • Australia and New Zealand

Why choose Scottish bagpipes for your next event?

You don't have to be Scottish to appreciate great highland bagpipes or the grandeur that they project. Nothing elevates the grandeur of an occasion or event in quite the same way as a bagpiper can. Pomp, pageantry, majestic dignity and stateliness are all words that spring to mind when one uses a piper. 

You can create this same grandness when you engage a local bagpipe player from Pipers of Distinction. It’s a fantastic way to honour your heritage or to add something that is totally different within the local culture of the country you decide to get married in. We are proud to supply pipers, dancers or pipe bands anywhere in the world.

Use our Scottish pipers for hire to elevate your next international corporate event.

Using a piper to promote a product or event is a great way to attract attention. In a country where a bagpiper is not the “norm” people flock instantaneously to see what is happening. 

Bagpipers are used all over the world for various events and grand occasions. Just think how excited your you're friends and family will be when what they thought would be an impossible request is made possible by you, simply by contacting Pipers of Distinction. 

Please feel free to contact us at anytime. By phone or email as we would welcome the chance to discuss with you personally, how we could be of assistance to you and your family.

我们的精彩的风笛手可以在亚洲提供风笛的服务。在婚礼,大事, 项目 等等 风笛手能给您精彩的表现。 如果您对这些服务感兴趣的话, 请给我们发邮件。 我们期待跟您说话!