A Highland Wedding Kilt Hire Service Sydney

The Scottish tradition of wearing a kilt does not end when you live away from home. Centuries old traditions are not tossed aside because your family has not seen the bonnie hills of Scotland in a few generations. Scottish families are proud and hold on to their roots no matter where they live. If you are looking to carry on your Scottish heritage for an upcoming occasion such as a wedding, A Highland Wedding Kilt Hire Service is your Australian connection.

And you donít have to be Scottish to don a kilt!

Elegant 8-Yard Kilts

When you are getting married a tux will not do. You need an authentic eight-yard kilt to set the tone of your Scottish wedding. Perfect for the groom, father of the bride, groomsmen and father of the groom, we can provide the kilt hire Sydney needs for a traditional Scottish wedding. You can select from a range of tartans and jackets. Our adult packages include:

  • Your choice of jacket in Charcoal Tweed, Argyle or Prince Charles styles
  • Kilt
  • Sporran
  • A choice of a belt and buckle or vest
  • Hose
  • Flashers
  • Ghillie Brogues
  • And fat boy tie or Ghillie Shirt if you desire it

Custom Kilts

You may not be looking for just kilt hire Sydney grooms want. Instead you may want to purchase your own kilt and outfit to9 keep forever, and wear at family function and events for the rest of your life in the tartan of your choice? We can provide custom kilts for purchase based on your exact specifications to make your occasion all the more special.

No matter what the occasion, when you are looking for a way to honour your familyís heritage A Highland Wedding Kilt Hire Service can provide you what you require. Call us today to discuss your needs or to set up a fitting if you are in the Sydney area.

We ship kilts all over Australia and Asia for weddings, and will send you a detailed measuring chart for your hire, if you are unable to come in for a fitting.

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