Pipe bands

Have you ever thought of hiring a pipe band for your next event? Pipe bands have become more and more popular for events like weddings, corporate events and fundraisers.

There is no bigger sense of event than when you hear the sound of bagpipes playing. Here at Pipers of Distinction we have pipe bands that will add that touch of class and grace to any event you are planning.

Pipe bands have become increasingly popular over the past few years. The days of pipe bands only playing at Scottish military events and funerals are long gone. Nowadays, having a pipe band at your event is the thing to do. Pipe bands allow you to move away from the ordinary rock or country band that people always used to have and makes your event stand out from the rest.

Even though many see the sound of bagpipes as sad, our bagpipe players are not just for funerals. You can hire a pipe band for happy events like your wedding. They will add that feeling of grandeur to your wedding day that you have always wanted. To have our pipe band play the wedding march as you enter your wedding ceremony, will add something special to your wedding day that no one will ever forget. Pipers of Distinctionís professional pipe bands are not only able to play the wedding march for you. They are also very popular, playing during your reception.

The owner of Pipers of Distinction, Barry Gray, has more than 35 years experience playing bagpipes He, along with his pipe band, have played their bagpipes for people like Sir Paul McCartney, John Farnam and Bryan Adams.

Whether you are having a wedding, a birthday party fundraiser or corporate event, stand out from the crowd by hiring one of our pipe bands. Our pipe bands will make your event a day to remember. At Pipers of Distinction you can do a lot more than just hire a pipe band. You can also hire Celtic dancers, Celtic musicians and much more. You can even hire a kilt! To hire a pipe band for your special event contact us today.

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