Hire a Bagpiper in Sydney for Wedding Ceremony

Bagpipes have been played at weddings in Scotland for centuries. Whether you want to connect with your Celtic roots on your big day or simply want something unique and special, hire a bagpiper in Sydney for your wedding ceremony.

As a band of bagpipes accompanies the bride as she arrives for the ceremony, the guests will be left in merry surprise. The soulful music coming out of these traditional Scottish instruments are simply beautiful.

At Pipers of Distinction, we have over 35 years of experience playing bagpipes at weddings. Our experienced bagpipers will provide professional music to your event and make it truly special.

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Wedding Ceremony Suggestions

Once you have taken the decision to hire a bagpiper for your wedding ceremony in Sydney, all you have to do now is to plan their performance. You might want to surprise the guests when escorting the bride as she enters the ceremony, or to escort the bride and groom out of the ceremony or you might want us to provide all the music for the day.

Here are some ideas. Our bagpipers can play:

  • Outside the wedding venue as the guests enter or leave
  • A prelude to the ceremony
  • When the bridal party arrives
  • For the bride‚Äôs procession
  • During the wedding ceremony
  • To escort and Bride and Groom out of the ceremony
  • For a few minutes and then lead the guests to their cars or to the reception

Suggestions for the Reception

At the reception, our bagpipers can play:

  • Outside the reception entrance
  • Outside the reception venue
  • As they lead the bride and groom into the reception venue
  • For a Scottish dance to engage the guests
  • At frequent intervals at the wedding breakfast

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hire a bagpiper in Sydney for a wedding ceremony

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