Hire a kilt outfit

Whether you are honouring your Scottish roots or are attending an occasion or event where you want to stand out from the crowd and hire a kilt outfit, Pipers of Distinction Ė A Highland Wedding Kilt Service can provide you with the authentic kilt outfit you need. We are Australiaís number one choice for authentic Scottish and Celtic experiences.

The Whole Kit and Kaboodle

When you are attending a Scottish event whether it is as a groomsman at a wedding, as a groom or at a Scottish themed charity event, we can provide you with the entire kilt outfit you need. If you are Scottish you know youíll need it all. from the eight-yard kilt to the ghillie brogues and flashers. If you arenít Scottish than you donít want to appear as that person in some non-descript kilt lacking charm and authenticity. We can provide the hire a kilt outfit you require for genuine Scottish attire.

Scottish Finery

If you think you are more comfortable in a tux than a kilt, at Pipers of Distinction- A Highland Wedding Kilt Hire Service we will introduce you to true Scottish finery. We carry only the finest garments and our hire a kilt outfit includes everything you need to present yourself as a very authentic Scottish manner. We will fit you with an entire outfit from head to toe including your choice of jacket in Charcoal Tweed, Argyle or Prince Charles styles. You can then select the kilt and we can fit you with a sporran, hose, flashers, Ghillie Brogues and your choice of a vest or belt and buckle. We can also provide a Ghillie shirt for a more casual look if you would prefer.

Donít stick out like a sore thumb at your Scottish event. Let Pipers of Distinction Ė A Highland Wedding Kilt Service dress you in the Scottish finery worthy of a country gentleman. All of our items are made in the finest of Scottish Tradition. Call us for a fitting today

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