Celtic folk bands

Although Celtic music comes from the different music styles from all cross Celtic countries, the most common sounds of Celtic folk bands are derived from those that come from Scotland and Ireland. This music has become very popular all across the world and many Celtic folk bands have started popping up in non-Celtic countries.

At Pipers of Distinction we donít only have bagpipe players. We can also provide your function with a Celtic folk band. Since Celtic music has become so popular, having a Celtic folk band at your event ensures you that the event will be anything but boring. People love listening to Celtic folk bands and dancing to the music. Concerts held by these bands are easily sold out long before the actual event. So it is a good idea to hire a Celtic folk band from Pipers of Distinction for your next fundraising event.

Many wedding receptions become boring events where people often, after having had a meal and listened to the speeches, are not always keen to take part in the dancing and festivities. You can make a huge difference to your reception by not only hiring one of our Celtic folk bands but also getting some Celtic dancers to get things started. How memorable will this make your wedding reception?

More and more corporate events are starting to use bagpipe players, Celtic dancers and Celtic folk bands. No more dreary corporate events where people sit around wondering what they are supposed to be doing. Rest assured that with our Celtic folk bands everybody will be entertained right through your entire event.

The owner of Pipers of Distinction, Barry Gray, has more than 35 years experience playing bagpipes. He is one of Australiaís most recognised bagpipe players and has been involved in projects such as movies and plays. He, along with his band, has also played with people like Sir Paul McCartney, John Farnam and Bryan Adams. At Pipers of Distinction you can hire bagpipe players, Celtic dancers, Celtic musicians and much more. You can even hire a kilt for your special event. To hire a Celtic folk band for your special event contact us today and make sure that your event will be one to remember.

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